Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Post-op Day Six

This morning at 3 a.m. when the nurse came in to check vitals, she woke Charlotte up and I was upset.  Why can't these people realize that we all need sleep?  Well, I guess the Lord had a blessing in store for me.  After the nurse left, Charlotte asked me to turn on the movie Despicable me.  While we are laying in her bed trying to get her back to sleep she looks at me and says "chickalay mama".  I get the box and cut up the chicken and gave it to her.  Little to my surprise, she ate all the chicken, 2 strips, and drank the rest of her orange crush from supper.  A little picnic does the body good:)  I have been praying for her to get her appetite back and the Lord answered my pray!

  Finally around 4:30, Charlotte falls back to sleep and so do I til the nurse comes back at 6 a.m, vicious cycle around here.  I figure I just need to get up and get a shower because around here after 6 a.m. the revolving door of doctors and nurses start.  Charlotte is scheduled for another chest x-ray and echo this morning.  Hopefully we will get good news, because if they look good, we get out of here today!!  The x-ray looks good from the one yesterday morning, so now we wait to hear about the echo.

Poor Brian, Charlotte has walked his legs off this morning, asking him to pull her in the wagon.  He pulls up to the door of the room after walking all over the hospital, and she just sits there looking at him like hello, what are you doing, take me for a ride!!  He falls for it every time and off they go.  Charlotte doesn't care where you take her, just as long as you take her.  I know for a fact that Daddy would move heaven and earth for his little angel, so a little wagon ride, nothing to it.  After all that she has been through, if it makes her happy, he's happy to do it :)

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