Friday, June 17, 2011


Ok, so the school girls are out of school and I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to "try" and get our family on vacation as soon as possible.  I found a nice place at Ocean Lakes and off to the beach we went.  The first week out of school and at the beach, what a way to start summer vacation.  I had some reservations about going to the beach with Charlotte, Dr. Horne gave me a 30 minute sun exposure limit and I thought what would be the use in going.  Well it turns out that those 30 minutes was the best 30 minutes of every day.  Charlotte absolutely LOVED the beach, the feel of the sand on her feet and hands and the waves rolling in over her legs.

 Every time Charlotte looked out into the ocean and saw her sisters playing, she would wave and squeal and scream like she wanted on her boogie board.  A friend of mine was also down with her two children and her son had dug a hole for Charlotte to play in.  Charlotte realized while playing in the hole that there was stuff in the sand......needless to say, as close as I was sitting to her, I didn't get to her in time to stop her from eating a fist full of sand!  I panicked, but it only took her a minute to realize it wasn't something that she wanted to do again!  When we were at the pool, she liked playing with the balls that sprayed water. Charlotte could spray herself  and love it, but if another child came running up splashing her in the face, she didn't like that.

 Playing outside at the beach and pool definitely took its toll on her.  Charlotte would usually be asleep on the ride back to the house, but one afternoon, she feel asleep at the pool and napped on a table for a while.  Now you know that was good sleep.... nice breeze blowing and snoozing by the pool.

 Usually the heat bothers Charlotte, but it didn't matter how hot she was, she begged to go outside and play.  So, usually in the late afternoon, I would take her out and let her roam and search and discover new things in life.  The pond beside the house usually had 2 geese and 5 gosling's, and Charlotte would just talk away like they knew exactly what she was saying.  Seeing Charlotte around animals, I can see she has a love for them.  Every day we usually went for a ride on the golf cart, Charlotte wanted to drive and would get extremely mad when we wouldn't let her.  One night, we drove to Barefoot's landing and walked around.  The girls had their faces painted and we rode the Merry Go Round.

I must say that this vacation turned out to be GREAT!  I think it was something our family definitely needed.  Seems like it's hard to keep a good thing going though.  On Friday evening Charlotte woke from her nap burning hot!  I panicked of course and straight to the drug store for some Tylenol.  With a fever of 102.4 I began wishing we were home so that I could call the Dr.  Saturday, I medicated Charlotte and we made it back to the beach house around 8p.m.  I called the phone nurse and she referred me to the Evening Clinic.  Let me just say that the Evening Clinic was not a good experience.  Seems Charlotte had an ear infection, or so the Dr. thought.  Tuesday I took Charlotte to see Dr. Donna because she still didn't seem to be herself.  Seems somehow Charlotte and Emma and Lily have the hand, foot, and mouth virus which causes very painful blisters and high fevers.  So, with nothing to treat this virus with, its just a wait it out and tend to 3 little girls who are VERY whinny!