Saturday, March 26, 2011

She Can Move:)

Well it's official, Charlotte has figured out how to get up and be mobile somewhat.  I honestly didn't think that she would be doing this already because she hasn't really seemed interested in getting around.  I think that if Charlotte had her choice it would be for me to hold her and carry her everywhere!  When Brian or I try to get her to stand up, she holds her legs up, straight out in front of her like she's sitting on air and will just hang as long as you hold her.  We laugh at her because it's so funny, it's kinda like seeing who can hold out the longest.  Seeing if we can hold her til she drops her legs, which NEVER happens, we usually give in because she's so heavy!  So take a look, her she is with me and Maggie cheering her on!   

Friday, March 18, 2011


My friend Rhonda and her son Mason are in Charleston because Mason has had his 2nd stage heart repair.  Well Rhonda has been in Charleston for what 6 weeks now, and looks like they are going to be there at least a few more because Mason has had a few bumps in the road to recovery.  As Rhonda wold say, Mason is just doing things "his way".  My family has really been praying for Mason to get better so they get to come home.  I know the toll of being away from home and being stuck in that hospital and it wears a person out!  Mason had to have surgery yesterday at 7:30 a.m. and I knew that Rhonda would be at the hospital and I hated the thought of that so ........... I decided to pack up and  head down.  I was a little worried because I have never driven that far alone with Charlotte and I was a little worried how she would do.  Amazingly, Charlotte did great, she slept almost the whole way down and back.  We made it to the hospital and stayed with Rhonda while she waited.  When the call came that she was allowed in PCICU, we said our goodbye's and we walked her to the door and left.  It was an answered prayer that Mason did well for the surgery. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Doctors, Doctors, and more Doctors.

Charlotte seems to be having a hard time getting over what ever this is making her sick!  This makes the third trip to the doctor since we have been home from the hospital, and I am sick of going to the doctor!  Charlotte had to be seen today at the Pediatrician's office due to the snotty nose and cough that just want go away.  Well Dr. Donna checks Charlotte over and she has another ear infection.  This makes the third ear infection in the last two months!  This makes me worried, because I don't want any talk of tubes!!!  Seems that Charlotte may be suffering from allergies too.  Charlotte has to take Zyrtec and nasanex for two weeks to see if they help her any.  Then there is her O2 levels.  I check Charlotte's O2 level at least once a day, usually at night when she is asleep and I get 77 - 80%.  The machine at the office usually reads higher, so I took mine to see how they corresponded.  Today, both machines read 79%.  Dr. Donna asked me when we go back to the Cardiologist and I tell her May.  I tell her that the Cardiologist thinks Charlotte's O2 level decrease is due to the virus and congestion, but Dr. Donna says that her O2 level wouldn't be affected that much by the sickness.  I get the impression that Charlotte is out growing her shunt??? 

Cardiology Appointment

Charlotte had an appointment with Dr. Horne, our Cardiologist, on March 1st, and it ended up being a good appointment.  When we got to the office, the nurse checked Charlotte's O2 level and the machine read 90% and I laughed.  Charlotte has never had an O2 level of 90 %, so I asked the nurse to take it again.  The second time the level read 82-83%.  Dr. Horne tells Brian and I that things still look good to him and he just wants to watch her a few more months.  I must admit that it is music to my ears because honestly I was fearing the worst when we got to the appointment.  I am on pins and needles just waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I fear that one appointment we are going to get the news that Charlotte needs to have the Glenn procedure, this is step two, and it just makes my stomach hurt thinking about it.  Well, before we left, I asked the nurse to check her O2 sats again just to ease my mind.  This time, the nurse uses the O2 machine that is in the hospitals, and her sats are running 77 - 80 %.  So with all this said, I am praying to the Lord that all this is still related to Charlotte being congested, and that when she is finally over all this crud, her sats go back to 85%.