Thursday, February 24, 2011


Thank God we are FINALLY home!  Dr. Lucas came by to see Charlotte and see how she was doing without the Oxygen and was happy enough to send us home.  Seems that the past 24 hrs, Charlotte's O2 level has been running about 72%.  Dr. Lucas finally admitted that this could be related to her shunt.  We are home with a pulse ox machine to spot check 3 times a day until we go back on March 1st.  I pray that Charlotte's O2 level rises because if it doesn't that is a definite sign that this is shunt related.  It is just a coincidence that this happened while she has been sick. 
When we got home last night, we had to go by my father in laws house to pick up Maggie, Anna, and Emma.  It was so wonderful to see my girls.  We hugged and kissed and hugged some more and said lots of I love you's!  My mother brought Lily home after church last night and when she walked in the door all the girls screamed out so loud and were all hugging.  It was the sweetest moment ever.  Rest assured, they will be killing each other again, soon.  It is so wonderful to be home all together again.   

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Ok, so it's been a while since I have updated and my daddy is really getting on to me about it, so here you go daddy!
My house is crazy right now, my life is crazy right now.  The girls have managed to get sick this month for the exception of Anna (Thank God) and Charlotte has had a really hard time battling this.  They all have the same symptoms: Cough, cough and more cough, runny nose and Charlotte has ran a fever.  Last week she ran a fever for four days (tues - fri) and it went away but the cough stayed.  Had a pretty good weekend and Charlotte started running a fever again on Wednesday and her color just wasn't the same.  Charlotte has been super fussy and cutting teeth like crazy so I just thought maybe it was the teeth bothering her, but when I finally took her to the doctor on Thursday, boy I felt like a dog!  Charlotte's oxygen level was 72 and the Dr. Donna called the cardiologist right away and it was decided to admit Charlotte to the hospital.  We get a fancy escort to the hospital via EMS because the nurse had started Charlotte on Oxygen in the office and she needed monitoring on the way to the hospital. 
The nurse tested Charlotte for RSV, Flu, and two types of whooping cough and everything came back negative, Thank God!  So now the race is on to find out what is the culprit.  Charlotte continues to run a fever every day and the doctor decides to start her on Tamiflu.  Seeing as the flu test is only about 10% accurate, "what could it hurt", is what I was told.  Seems that Charlotte is a bit anemic as well, so the doctor orders her to have iron drops.  As of today, Charlotte has been fever free for two days.  Charlotte just doesn't want to come off her oxygen.  Usually her sats run 85 and now they are 74???  Dr. Lucas, the Cardiologist assures me that this drop in sats has nothing to do with her shunt, but I wonder????  The shunt is so small, (3.5mm) eventually this is going to happen.  I am praying that if ANY surgery is required it is only a shunt revision, and not the Glenn!  I just have to place my trust in the Lord and know that he is in control.  So with the first trial of taking her off the oxygen this morning, she did ok at first...... notice I said at first.  The monitor stopped working because the probe had just been used to long, so when I got her hooked back up her sats were 69:(  So back on the Oxygen for a while and hopefully try again later today.  I want to go home and see my other children.  I have talked to them all but Emma.  Emma doesn't like to talk to me on the phone so I miss her terribly, and I have spoken to the rest, but still I want to go home.  I want to see my kids and hug and kiss them!  So far we have been her at  Greenville Memorial 6 days, way to long!  Makes me wonder how mad I will be if or when we have to go back to Charleston!  Not something I like to think about!  Hopefully I will have something to update in a few days! 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Heart Mom's Night Out

Tonight was my Heart Mom's meeting, and it was wonderful to see my new friends.  I have only met most of these women once, but I feel like I have known them a long time.  We had a new mom tonight and I just want to welcome her.  I know for me, until this group came about, I felt isolated.  I felt like I was the only one with a child with a heart defect, even though I knew better.  I longed for someone to talk to that knew what it was like to "walk in my shoes". 
It wasn't long after we had came home with Charlotte that I had to call the Pediatrician's office about Charlotte.  Lucky for me, Dr. Yelton was the doctor that called me back.  While talking,  Dr. Yelton mentioned that there was a heart baby that he looked after a bit older than Charlotte.  I really didn't think much of it at the time, but as time passed I wanted to know who this other mother was with a heart baby like Charlotte.  With 4 other children, I spend a lot of time at the Pediatrician's office......during one of the visits, Dr. Yelton was the doctor taking care of my child.  I mentioned to Dr. Yelton that I knew he couldn't give me any info on the heart baby, but if I gave him permission, could he PLEASE give my info to the mother and see if she would call me.  The next day my phone is ringing and I answer it saying "hello?" and I hear a voice on the other end........"yes my name is Tina Bentley and Dr. Yelton gave me your information and asked if I could give you a call".  Can I say that my life has been changed forever because of Charlotte, but also because of Tina.  I think that Tina and I stayed on the phone over 2 hours that first conversation.  I had many questions and was so THANKFUL that she had called me.  Somewhere in our conversations, Tina heard the need for me to connect with mothers that had children with heart defects.  So Tina came up with the concept of a heart moms group. 
Heart Moms of the Upstate, that is the name of our group.  We meet the first Friday of every month and tell our stories, upcoming surgeries, prayer requests, anything that we feel is helpful to each other.  It amazes me the strength that you can get from each other.  Maybe it's because we know that we each have walked down the same path, some the same way, others a different way, but essentially getting to the same place.  It is a comfort to me knowing that at any time I can call on these women, and that they can call on me!  I look forward to our meetings and meeting new moms and hearing their stories.  Hopefully, at some point, we all can get together with our families and celebrate that God had brought us all together as a family!  

Thursday, February 3, 2011

9 Month Check-up

Today my Angel is 9 months old and we had her check up this morning.  Dr. Donna tells me Charlotte is growing like a weed.  Charlotte is 19# 7 oz (65 percentile), 28 inches tall (65 percentile), and her head is 18 1/4 inches (95 percentile).  Charlotte's oxygen level today was 83 percent, she is a little congested, and I am not worried.  Dr. Donna thinks that some of the congestion is coming from Charlotte cutting two new bottom teeth, and trying to cut 4 on top all at the same time!!!  Dr. Donna tells me that Charlotte is the best looking Cardiac baby she has ever seen!  I am thankful!!!  Thankful that the Lord has brought us this far in the journey!  Thankful that the Lord has taken care of Charlotte.
You know, going to the doctor isn't always fun, just ask my 4 yr old, Emma.  While signing in this morning, she got her middle finger caught in the door of the waiting room, OOOUUUCCCHHH!  Her little finger was pinched pretty good.  Her fingernail is purple, and probably will come off at some point, and the skin is red and swollen.  Emma is walking around with her middle finger extended and all I can do is laugh.  I wonder how many people are wondering why she is pointing her "bird" finger!!!  O well, glad we were at the doctors office!