Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One Year Appointments

     We have been busy with Dr. appointments this month.  Looking at the calendar, we have had at least one appointment a week..  A trip to Charleston for growth and development; Charlotte got a great report!  An appointment with the Pediatrician, Charlotte is the 70th percentile for her heighth and weight, and 93rd percentile for her head size.  I say she is the most "normal" heart baby I know!!!  The only thing we found at this check up is she has a UTI:( after enduring two urine caths, a week of antibiotics, and 2 shots of Rocefin, it's gone.  The only thing that lingers is an appointment at Greenville Hospital to test Charlotte for kidney reflux.
     We had an appointment with Dr. Horne (Cardiologist), and got a good report!!!  I always have a knot in my stomach going to the Cardiologist because you never know for sure what the news is going to be.  This appointment seemed crucial to me because it has been a year since surgery and I just figured we would be headed to Charleston.  Charlotte's sats were 85% and her blood pressure was 83/54.  The Echo showed little regurgitation from the right ventrical to the right atrium, the wall thickening that was present at birth was barely visable, and the 3.5mm shunt seems to still be functioning to some degree.  Looks like as long as things go good over the next year, we head to Charleston next summer for a heart cath.  The Cath will look closely at the function of Charlotte's heart, temporaraly closing off the shunt and the ASD (atrial septum defect).  If Charlotte does well during the cath, then possible no more surgery.  If Charlotte tanks during the heart cath, then that means surgery:(  All I can do is pray, pray that the Lord is merciful and continues to take care of my sweet daughter.


     It amazes me just how fast time flies.  I sit here thinking of all that has happened over the last year and WOW!  It is amazing that we have made it through this year and I know that it is only by the Grace of God that we have made it.  I recall packing and wondering exactly how our lives were going to be with a baby with a heart defect, wondering if my family would survive.  When Brian and I had gone to Charleston for Dr. visits and meeting the staff in PCICU, we were told to pack socks and receiving blankets.  Those would be things that the staff would use to make her crib more personal.  I think that I packed 8 blankets, and maybe 6 pair of socks.  Really, just how much is enough when you don't know how long you're going to be at the hospital?  Let's just say that after the surgery, Brian and I went out and bought as many blankets that we could find. I still have those blankets, tucked away so if we ever have to go back we can take them with us.  The Lord has been good to us, He has passed by our way on more than one occasion, and I am sooo Thankful for His Grace and Mercy. 
     After Charlotte had her open heart surgery, we were under the impression that we would be back for more open heart surgery some time around 6 months.  We had surgery scheduled for January, but when we went to Dr. Horne (Charlotte's Cardiologist) in December, he felt that Charlotte was doing well and that surgery wasn't needed right now.  Now you tell me that wasn't an answered prayer!!!  I sit and stare at Charlotte, not only admiring how beautiful she is, but realizing what a miracle she is.  I pray every night that the Lord continues to bless her, and watch over her.
     A year has passed and let me say that things have been nothing like I thought.  Charlotte just celebrated her first birthday!  We celebrated with family and friends at church with a birthday party and then we as a family celebrated on her offical birthday.  I found myself singing Happy Birthday to Charlotte all day.  Every time I held her I would sing and we would dance and she would just smile and laugh out loud and squeal.  I must say, we had some beautiful moments:)