Saturday, November 10, 2012


          Sorry it has been a while 
but life in the Cooper house hardly ever slows down
and when it does,
I usually fall asleep :)
 Charlotte had a cardiology appointment on Oct. 9th
and it went VERY well. 
Her O2 was 98% and that is the highest it has ever been!! 
Charlotte did great for her echo, nothing had changed. 
As far as Dr. Horne is concerned he will see us in 6 months. 
Thank you Lord for a good check up. 
Now if we can just make it through the winter without any hiccups,
(like hospital stays, which Charlotte is know for)
then things will be good.

has made a move over the last month,
a move out of my bed!!! 
I never thought that night would come. 
I thought that she would be in my bed til she left the house,
but daddy had other plans. 
I must admit that it has been nice to have my bed back :)
Not being woke up by feet in my face or being nudged off the bed
has made a difference in my sleep for sure. 
Charlotte moved to the bed with Emma and Lily and they love it. 
Every night they get into trouble talking and giggling after the lights go out.  
Brian and I sit and listen to them laughing and talking,
and get tickled ourselves at how silly three little girls can get. 
I must admit it is nice.  I want to take a minute to thank the Lord
for what he has done for Charlotte, and our family.
The Lord listens to our prayers and He has been so gracious in answering them.
It truly is amazing to see Charlotte, to see how healthy she looks,
how great her color looks,
to see her act like nothing has ever been wrong.
Thank You Lord!!!

is growing like a weed, 5 months old and the sweetest thing ever. 
Stellah is such a pleasant baby and Charlotte loves her so much. 
The minute Charlotte wakes up in the mornings
I hear her little feet pitter patter across the floor into the bedroom
and I hear her asking if Stellah is awake. 
For the most part, Charlotte is pretty good with Stellah. 
Charlotte wants to hold her all the time
and when Stellah is laying on the bed I have to watch them like a hawk
because Charlotte is right there beside her the whole time. 
I think Charlotte is afraid she's going to miss something. 
Last month when I took Stellah for her 4 month check,
the Dr asked if she was rolling over, I laughed. 
I told the Dr that Stellah probably will never roll over,
probably will go straight to walking, 
because every time I lay her in the floor 
she gets swarmed by her
sisters :)

Just want to ask for prayers for a few heart families. 
The Bentley's
are in Charleston with their
daughter Anna Grace,
she had her 3rd surgery, the fontan on the 9th. 
Please pray for this family
as they have made it over the first of many hurdles
 these next few weeks.

(This is Anna Grace) 

The Bradley's,
they  have been in Charleston for seven months. 
They have been there since their daughter
Kirby was born April 10th. 
Kirby REALLY needs to be lifted up in your prayers. 
Thank you for your prayers!!!

(This is Kirby)     
Photo: ****ATTENTION PRAYER WARRIORS**** Kirby needs extra special prayers tonight. She had to be put back on the ventilator!  This precious child of God needs to come home for the first time healthy and healed in Jesus name!!!Thank you all so much for Praying ..... This is an update from ashley and josh her amazing parents!!...... Well the roller coaster rides again :( .....please pray for Kirby again. She has been breathing hard all day, so they have put her back on the ventilator. Not quite sure what's wrong but they are trying to find out. This is hard to take, seeing as how she has been doing so good lately. Please join us and lift her up tonight!

Fighting the good fight, Josh and Ashley


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