Friday, November 30, 2012


a time to reflect what one is thankful for.  I am Thankful for so many things,
but this Thanksgiving I am Thankful for the opportunity the Lord has
given me in crossing my path with Josh & Ashley Bradley.
Unknowingly we were chosen to be parents to children with a Congenital Heart Defect.
Not something that we would have chosen on our own, but chosen by God.
God has a plan, a plan only He understands........
   Kirby Faith Bradley
was born April 10th, 2012
and spent every day of her life at MUSC fighting for her life. 
I really didn't know Kirby,
or her parents Josh and Ashley very well, but I knew them. 
When you are apart of a "family" like ours,
you reach out.  You reach out to those you hardly know, because 
we are all associated by someone
that knows someone that knows someone, that knows you.  
I met the Bradley's back in May
when we went to Charleston for Charlotte's surgery. 
Charlotte was in the bed right at the entrance to the unit,
so every time Ashley and Josh came to visit Kirby, 
we would always chat for a few minutes, 
catching up while they washed their hands. 
After Charlotte was moved to 8D, I didn't get to see them anymore,
but they stayed in my heart and prayers as the days and weeks passed by. 
I would send Ashley a message or two on her blog,
but I never really kept in touch
 because I knew how busy she was trying to get Kirby home.  
I knew that once they got home, which is about 10 minutes up the road from us,
I could hopefully visit and stay in touch. 
I NEVER once thought that Kirby would never come home. 
I was heart broken, I was devastated
when I got the news that Kirby had passed. 
I immediately called Brian and broke the news to him, he cried, we cried. 
It was close to home for us.  I don't mean distance, I mean it could have been us.  
Kirby was someone we had come to know, and talked about daily. 
I would read Ashley's blog to keep updated on how things were going
and Brian and I would pray so hard that this little miracle would make it home. 
Kirby had been through so much and had made it through so much......
She was a fighter!!! 
Kirby Passed away November 11th. 
She was 7 months and 1 day old.
 I went to see Ashley after they had made it home from Charleston,
she told me that she knew God had a plan,
that He had a reason for taking Kirby home. 
It was a blessing to be with Ashley,
she was such an encouragement.  
Ashley showed how strong she was in her faith!!! 
I was an emotional wreck, I felt terrible for being an emotional wreck. 
I had come to comfort Ashley, but she was the one comforting me! 
I can't imagine the pain, the emptiness, the loss that they are feeling.  
All I could do was hug Ashley and tell her how sorry I was and I loved them.  
After seeing how Josh and Ashley have leaned on the Lord for help and support,
it makes me THANKFUL for friends like them.  
Makes me THANKFUL for knowing GOD,
knowing He is helping them through the most difficult time in their lives. 
Makes me THANKFUL for my husband, that we are on this journey together.  
Makes me THANKFUL for Charlotte,
blonde hair, brown eyes, loud about
everything and into everything.  
 After realizing just how fragile
life is and how close we came to not having her
makes me even more
THANKFUL to have her. 
Our lives are definitely MORE with her in it!!!    


  1. I'm not on the "inside" of the heart community, but as an "outsider" I agree 110%--- and YOU and so many other heart families who faithfully and couragiously live everyday with HOPE have helped me be more thankful for all God's blessings-- even the ones that come through raindrops and tears.
    All that to say, I am thankful for YOU too. :)
    In HIM,
    Jennifer Scruggs

  2. Well said and beautifully written my friend. I am speechless.

    Love you